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    We are a husband and wife team based out of Cumming, Georgia and we love photographing...life! We primarily shoot weddings (who can resist so much beauty, love and emotion in one place?!) but also love to mix it up with newborns, families, and every day life along the way when we have time! Our sweet baby, Jack, was born in September and we just love him to pieces. Thankfully, so far he's tolerated the millions of photos we've taken of him. We're also HUGE animal lovers (we have two dogs-Ani and Maximus). Jon desperately wants to add a fainting mini goat to the list. We LOVE documentaries…the more random and bizarre the better (some of our favorites: "The King of Kong", "Scrabylon", and "Food Inc"). We highly recommend these movies for your next movie night...ideally with a mini goat curled up at your side! :-)

    Come on in and check out some of our latest work...feel free to leave comments along the way! We'd love to hear from you!

We’re moving to Tokyo!!

Alright everyone, we are FINALLY ready to share some really big news with everyone. Jon and I (and, of course, baby Jack) will be moving to Tokyo for two years!!  We’ll be leaving in May and are so excited (and a wee bit nervous) for the crazy awesome adventure we’re about to embark on!  Although our wedding photography business will be put on hold, we’ll definitely be documenting our journey and will be sure to post some pictures here along the way. If anyone is planning a trip over to Japan, stop by for a visit!  PS – A note to our recent brides…your Pictage online galleries will continue to be active for their standard durations so you’ll still be able to order prints, albums, and other products through the online gallery the same as always! Just let us know if you have any questions or want to teach me some quick Japanese! Here’s to choosing the road less travelled! 


Piedmont Park Maternity Session | Amber & Chris

I was so excited and honored when Amber and Chris contacted me to take their maternity photos!  After a bit of rescheduling thanks to the crazy Atlanta snow (!!) we were blessed with a stunningly beautiful day complete with early spring time blooms (in February?!) and bright happy sunshine.  Jon and I had the pleasure of photographing Amber and Chris’ wedding a couple years ago so it was so much fun to catch back up with this incredibly sweet and fun couple!  Their new bundle of baby joy will be arriving in April…congrats again to you both!!

Amber&ChrisBlog_0001Amber&ChrisBlog_0002Amber&ChrisBlog_0003I just had to include this next shot…I adore candid moments between a couple.  You can tell how happy these two are together, what a lucky little baby!:)Amber&ChrisBlog_0004Amber&ChrisBlog_0005The beautifully glowing momma!  I love these shots.Amber&ChrisBlog_0006Amber&ChrisBlog_0007Amber&ChrisBlog_0008Amber&ChrisBlog_0009Amber&ChrisBlog_0010Amber&ChrisBlog_0011Amber&ChrisBlog_0012Amber brought along some props and some photo requests (which were super cute!).  We had fun adding them in to the session!Amber&ChrisBlog_0013

Congrats again, you guys!   We’re so excited for the journey you’re about to go on…from new parents just a little bit further down the road, it’s going to be a crazy, amazing and beautiful ride!

Wheeler House Wedding | Lauren & Jake

Sure, it was one of the coldest days of the year (so far!) but some chilly temperatures and wind had zero effect on this perfect, sweet, wonderful and awesome wedding day.  Lauren and Jake are…simply put…meant to be together.  As soon as you see them together you can tell they are a perfect match!  Love these two!  We were honored and delighted to be a part of their beautiful wedding day and are so excited to share some of our favorite images from the day!

Lauren&JacobBlog_0001Loved that Lauren, Jake, and their wedding party all wore cowboy boots…adorable!Lauren&JacobBlog_0002Lauren&JacobBlog_0003Lauren&JacobBlog_0004Lauren&JacobBlog_0005Lauren&JacobBlog_0006Lauren&JacobBlog_0007It was FREEZING cold outside but the guys were great sports about it!:) At least they had jackets on…poor Lauren and her bridesmaids!Lauren&JacobBlog_0008Lauren&JacobBlog_0009Lauren&JacobBlog_0010Lauren&JacobBlog_0011Lauren’s dress and boots and hair and venue…everything was perfection.  She’s a gorgeous girl to begin with but on her wedding day, she was glowing.Lauren&JacobBlog_0012Lauren&JacobBlog_0013Lauren&JacobBlog_0014I adore this next shot of Lauren and her mom.Lauren&JacobBlog_0015Lauren&JacobBlog_0016Their sweet little flower girl keeping it real before the ceremony began:) Seriously, how cute is she?!Lauren&JacobBlog_0017Lauren&JacobBlog_0018Lauren&JacobBlog_0019Lauren&JacobBlog_0020The beautiful bride!Lauren&JacobBlog_0021Lauren&JacobBlog_0022Lauren&JacobBlog_0023Lauren&JacobBlog_0024Lauren&JacobBlog_0025Lauren&JacobBlog_0026Lauren&JacobBlog_0027Lauren&JacobBlog_0028Lauren&JacobBlog_0029Lauren&JacobBlog_0030One of my favorite times of a wedding day is just before the bride walks down the aisle.  You can feel the electric emotions in the air.  Lauren&JacobBlog_0031Lauren&JacobBlog_0032I love that Jon captured Jake’s expression as he saw his bride for the first time.  What an incredibly sweet and perfect moment.  You can really see their love for each other.Lauren&JacobBlog_0033Lauren&JacobBlog_0034Lauren&JacobBlog_0035Lauren&JacobBlog_0036Lauren&JacobBlog_0037Lauren&JacobBlog_0038Lauren&JacobBlog_0039Lauren&JacobBlog_0040Lauren&JacobBlog_0041Lauren&JacobBlog_0042Lauren&JacobBlog_0043Another favorite shot from the day…I love this next photo of Lauren and Jake, re-entering the world as husband and wife. Lauren&JacobBlog_0044Lauren&JacobBlog_0045Lauren&JacobBlog_0046Lauren&JacobBlog_0047Lauren&JacobBlog_0048Lauren&JacobBlog_0049Lauren&JacobBlog_0050Lauren&JacobBlog_0051Lauren&JacobBlog_0052Another favorite image from the day!  Lauren&JacobBlog_0053Lauren&JacobBlog_0054The flower girl wasn’t really feeling a photo shoot and kept trying to “break the line” to escape back inside:)Lauren&JacobBlog_0055Lauren&JacobBlog_0056Lauren&JacobBlog_0057Lauren&JacobBlog_0058Lauren&JacobBlog_0059Lauren&JacobBlog_0060Lauren&JacobBlog_0061Lauren&JacobBlog_0062Lauren&JacobBlog_0063Lauren&JacobBlog_0064Jake presented Lauren with a special gift…so sweet!Lauren&JacobBlog_0065Lauren&JacobBlog_0066Lauren&JacobBlog_0067Lauren&JacobBlog_0068Lauren&JacobBlog_0069Lauren&JacobBlog_0070Lauren&JacobBlog_0071Lauren&JacobBlog_0072Lauren&JacobBlog_0073Lauren&JacobBlog_0074Lauren&JacobBlog_0075Lauren&JacobBlog_0076Lauren&JacobBlog_0077Lauren&JacobBlog_0078Lauren&JacobBlog_0079S’mores as their parting gift…so cute!Lauren&JacobBlog_0080Lauren&JacobBlog_0081Lauren&JacobBlog_0082Lauren&JacobBlog_0083Lauren&JacobBlog_0084Lauren&JacobBlog_0085Lauren&JacobBlog_0086Lauren&JacobBlog_0087Lauren&JacobBlog_0088Lauren&JacobBlog_0089Lauren&JacobBlog_0090Lauren&JacobBlog_0091Lauren&JacobBlog_0092Lauren&JacobBlog_0093We’d like to thank all the other amazing wedding vendors we had the pleasure of working with at Lauren & Jake’s wedding:

Venue: The Wheeler House | Florist: Sarah Provow with Bloomin’ Bouquets 404.388.5616 | Caterer: Taylor with A Divine Event | DJ: Corey Brady with Elite Audio Visual Solutions LLC 770.573.2802 | Hair and Makeup: Barbara Jabaley | Bakery: Metrotainment Bakery | Dress: Davids Bridal

Wheeler House Wedding | Lauren & Jake | Sneak Peek!

We are IN LOVE with Lauren and Jake’s gorgeous wedding we photographed at the Wheeler House last weekend!  Beautiful couple (seriously, Lauren and Jake are so awesome!), beautiful venue, and the weather…well…at least it wasn’t raining!:)  It was FREEZING cold but you’d never know it looking at these two…honestly, Lauren was a rock star never once complaining about the weather and wore that constant gorgeous smile the entire time.  Enjoy their sneak peek photos, more are on their way soon!

Lauren&Jake_SP0001The lovely glowing bride.  Isn’t her dress perfection too?!Lauren&Jake_SP0002Lauren&Jake_SP0003Cowboy boots with her wedding gown, so awesome!Lauren&Jake_SP0004Lauren&Jake_SP0005Lauren&Jake_SP0006Lauren&Jake_SP0007I love when couples are totally in the moment during their wedding vows.  You could feel the excitement and happiness between them.Lauren&Jake_SP0008Lauren&Jake_SP0009

Pineloa Farms Wedding | Kourtni & Dustin

We couldn’t think of a more perfect and beautiful way to close out 2013 than with Kourtni and Dustin’s AMAZING Pineola Farms wedding!   Everything about this day was straight out of a story book.  The beautiful venue (and incredibly awesome owners and employees there!), the melt-your-heart sweet bride and groom (who were both looking extra gorgeous), the sunny weather, the cute flower girl and hilarious ring bearer, the wedding party, the family and guests, the decor, I could go on and on.:) Instead let me just share this gorgeous day with you and you’ll see exactly what I mean!Kourtni&DustinBlog_0001Kourtni&DustinBlog_0007Kourtni&DustinBlog_0005Kourtni&DustinBlog_0004Kourtni&DustinBlog_0008Kourtni&DustinBlog_0009Kourtni&DustinBlog_0011Kourtni&DustinBlog_0010Kourtni&DustinBlog_0012Kourtni&DustinBlog_0013Kourtni&DustinBlog_0014Kourtni&DustinBlog_0015Kourtni&DustinBlog_0016Kourtni&DustinBlog_0017Kourtni&DustinBlog_0018Kourtni&DustinBlog_0019Kourtni&DustinBlog_0020Kourtni&DustinBlog_0021Kourtni&DustinBlog_0022Kourtni&DustinBlog_0023Kourtni&DustinBlog_0024Kourtni&DustinBlog_0025Kourtni&DustinBlog_0026Kourtni&DustinBlog_0027Kourtni&DustinBlog_0028Kourtni&DustinBlog_0029Kourtni&DustinBlog_0030Kourtni&DustinBlog_0031Kourtni&DustinBlog_0032Kourtni&DustinBlog_0033Kourtni&DustinBlog_0034Kourtni&DustinBlog_0035Kourtni&DustinBlog_0036Kourtni&DustinBlog_0037Kourtni&DustinBlog_0039Kourtni&DustinBlog_0038Kourtni&DustinBlog_0040Kourtni&DustinBlog_0041Kourtni&DustinBlog_0042Kourtni&DustinBlog_0043Kourtni&DustinBlog_0044Kourtni&DustinBlog_0045Kourtni&DustinBlog_0046Kourtni&DustinBlog_0047Kourtni&DustinBlog_0048Kourtni&DustinBlog_0049Kourtni&DustinBlog_0050Kourtni&DustinBlog_0051Kourtni&DustinBlog_0052Kourtni&DustinBlog_0053Kourtni&DustinBlog_0054Kourtni&DustinBlog_0055Kourtni&DustinBlog_0056Kourtni&DustinBlog_0057Kourtni&DustinBlog_0058Kourtni&DustinBlog_0059Kourtni&DustinBlog_0060Kourtni&DustinBlog_0061Kourtni&DustinBlog_0062Kourtni&DustinBlog_0063Kourtni&DustinBlog_0064Kourtni&DustinBlog_0065Kourtni&DustinBlog_0066Kourtni&DustinBlog_0067Kourtni&DustinBlog_0068Kourtni&DustinBlog_0069Kourtni&DustinBlog_0070Kourtni&DustinBlog_0071Kourtni&DustinBlog_0072Kourtni&DustinBlog_0073Kourtni&DustinBlog_0074Kourtni&DustinBlog_0075Kourtni&DustinBlog_0076Kourtni&DustinBlog_0077Kourtni&DustinBlog_0078Kourtni&DustinBlog_0079Kourtni&DustinBlog_0080Kourtni&DustinBlog_0081Kourtni&DustinBlog_0082Kourtni&DustinBlog_0083Kourtni&DustinBlog_0084Kourtni&DustinBlog_0085Kourtni&DustinBlog_0086Kourtni&DustinBlog_0087Kourtni&DustinBlog_0088Kourtni&DustinBlog_0089Kourtni&DustinBlog_0090Kourtni&DustinBlog_0091Kourtni&DustinBlog_0092Kourtni&DustinBlog_0093Kourtni&DustinBlog_0094Kourtni&DustinBlog_0095Kourtni&DustinBlog_0096Kourtni&DustinBlog_0097Kourtni&DustinBlog_0098Kourtni&DustinBlog_0099Kourtni&DustinBlog_0100Kourtni&DustinBlog_0101Kourtni&DustinBlog_0102Kourtni&DustinBlog_0103Kourtni&DustinBlog_0104Kourtni&DustinBlog_0105Kourtni&DustinBlog_0106Kourtni&DustinBlog_0107Kourtni&DustinBlog_0108Kourtni&DustinBlog_0109Kourtni&DustinBlog_0110Kourtni&DustinBlog_0111Kourtni&DustinBlog_0112Kourtni&DustinBlog_0113Kourtni&DustinBlog_0114Kourtni&DustinBlog_0115Kourtni&DustinBlog_0116Kourtni&DustinBlog_0117We’d like to thank all of the other amazing wedding vendors we had the pleasure of working with at Kourtni and Dustin’s wedding:

Venue: Pineloa Farms | Wedding Planner & Florist: Delise Knight of Pineloa Farms | Caterer: Georgia Bob’s | Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Horton | DJ: B&E Entertainment | Bakery: Slice Cake and Confection | Dress: I Do, I Do Bridal Boutique | Garters: FlorescenceByDesign on Etsy |
Wedding dress hanger Einspanner on Etsy

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